Thursday, March 01, 2012

Baby Naming Assistant - Our Three Year Old

My eldest toddler (three and a half) has decided upon announcing the birth of a third child that she should be involved in the naming process.

What has been interesting is to see what names she thinks this baby should have.

We don't yet know if it's a boy or a girl, but her recommendations tend to come from pop culture (toddler-pop of course) and her favorite girl name is Emily Elizabeth -- the name of the girl in the Clifford the big red dog book series.

This name isn't necessarily on the plate (no criticism to anyone who has this name), but it's interesting to see where her name choices come from.

Her top choice for a baby boy is Thomas (as in Thomas the tank engine).

I tend to find that pop culture influences discourages my naming choices. As an example, my wife and liked the name Edward for a baby at the time our first child was born, and with the rise in popularity of the Twillight series, certainly didn't want anyone to think that this was the inspiration for our baby naming.

Every name we've liked, she hasn', she might be booted from the baby naming committee - especially with recommendations like Newbaby and Heart.

Note: Right after I hit published, was informed by my wife she wrote a similar post a couple days ago. Read her similar post here.

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Susan from the Pacific Northwest said...

That's so funny. Twenty years ago exactly we named our son Edward. Although it was considered very old fashioned, it was a family name that we liked.

Now, twenty years later, he is absolutely mortified that it is the same name as a current heart-throb character.

You can't win.