Friday, June 29, 2012

Atlantis Resort's Film Potential

The Atlantis Resort, Royal Towers. Paradise Island, The Bahamas.
My family and I took a surprise last minute trip to the Bahamas and stayed at the massive resort Atlantis on Paradise Island.

This newer and ever expanding resort is an interesting place that in many ways is one of a kind and I've found myself asking what type of "on-premise" film potential this large resort and water park has for film.

The Bahamas themselves have been a place occasionally used as film oasis for films like Cocoon (1985), 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954), Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006), Flipper (1996), and a handful of James Bond films (You Only Live Twice, 1967; The Spy Who Loved Me, 1977; Moonraker, 1979; For Your Eyes Only, 1981; Never Say Never Again, 1983; Casino Royale, 2006).

The film potential seems to rest more with the tropical beaches and ocean rather than the actual setting of the Bahamas, with the exception of off-shore swanky resort settings as used in Casino Royale with One&Only Ocean Club in Nassau, Bahamas used for Casino Royale.

That being said, I want to offer up a new potential film setting. I've blogged before about disaster films regular habit of destroying landmarks such as the New York's Statute of Liberty (destroyed at least 12 times in film).

But what about destroying the Atlantis Resort in a disaster movie setting?

The Royal Towers (pictured above) feature one of the most unique resort experiences, particularly with the bridge suites shown above between the two towers. The Bridge Suites have been listed by CNN a few months back as one the world's most expensive hotel suites (listed at #10 at $25,000 a night).

Now if you ask me, this suite in the sky seems like the perfect spot for a CGI tidal wave to come and destroy bringing it to the ground, as a change of pace (or in addition too) the usual suspects: Statue of Liberty, The Chrysler Building, The Hollywood sign, The Golden Gate Bridge, The White House, Christ the Redeemer (Brazil), and Big Ben.

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