Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Review by Margie: Once (2006)

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The Irish Guy and the Czech Girl, Once
I didn't want to let RC down by not doing a post today, and so when I went to get a movie to watch, I asked the video guy if there was a good and short one. I wanted a short one because I was hoping I could watch Operation Cupcake on the Hallmark Movie Channel.

The video guy knew I was pretty annoyed at the recommendation for Hanna, and he promised to try to come up with a better recommendation this time. He said the movie, Once, was pretty short. He said it was about an Irish guy and Czech girl who have this unique sort of musical-romantic type encounter.

He also said it had that famous song "Falling Slowly" was in it, he wondered if I had heard it before, and he sang a couple lines. I, of course, knew what song he was talking about. It's a sweet little tune I fell like I've heard a few times. I'm sure you've heard it as well.

So readers, I know this movie is a little bit older, but if you are looking for something interesting to watch, beware, because the film has three main problems.

The first is that the two main characters (I don't even think they had names in the film) are not typical stars. I know that this movie is Irish, and maybe the Irish film industry is not as superficial as Hollywood, but these actors look like regular derelicts you might see in any downtown. I'm not superficial myself, but they must be the directors cousins or something, because I don't think they must have held auditions.

Second, you can't hardly understand a word they are saying. In retrospect, perhaps I should have figured out if the movie had subtitles I could turn on because I thought it was a love story, and all they seemed to talk about were vaccuum cleaners, and then they sang that "Falling Slowly song" in some guitar shop.

Third, this movie is so boring, that the most awful thing happened. I fell asleep watching it, so I admit, I don't really know how it ends. I think they should have named the film Falling Slowly Asleep because it could do wonders for a case of insomnia, it would put you to sleep in a wink. But in my case, it's called Once because I will only watch it once.

So to make matters worse, because I fell asleep, I woke up and found that I had missed the beginning of Operation Cupcake on the Hallmark Channel, which was the biggest disappointment of all.

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Loren Eaton said...

I'm hesitant to admit this, but I really hated Once, mainly because it had no plot.