Sunday, June 03, 2012

Meet Margie & The Reviews By Margie Series

Beginning this month you will see a new series of reviews by new blog contributor Margie Cracken.

Margie Cracken is not your typical movie watcher. I don't believe she would mind me saying, that she is rather out of touch. As such, Margie's reviews will rarely be of movies in the movie theater. In fact, Margie just received a DVD player from her son, so she is attempting to catch up on her film watching.

I have recommended Margie watch a few movies to begin her series, but you are more than welcome to recommend a film for Margie to review as well by placing your request in the comments.

Margie is going to attempt to kick off this series with a weekly review that will be posted on Monday based off her weekend film viewing. You can look forward to enjoying those post every Monday, and I will also collect her reviews here in this post as well for your own pleasure reading.

Welcome Margie.

Index of Monday Reviews by Margie

127 Hours (2010) (posted June 25, 2012)
The Artist (2011) (posted July 2, 2012)
The Descendants (2011) (posted June 11, 2012)
Hanna (2011) (posted June 4, 2012)
Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (2012) (posted July 9, 2012)
Source Code (2011) (posted October 22, 2012)
Once (2006) (posted June 18, 2012)
We Bought a Zoo (2011) (posted August 13, 2012)

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Anonymous said...

Who is Margie? Is she your mother or some figment of your imagination or analter ego?