Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Four-Year-Old's Perspective on the Opening Ceremony

My wife and I watched the Olympic opening ceremony with our four-year-old. She was excited to stay up past her bedtime and was interested in what was going on. She stayed up until the parade of nations began.

My Favorite Commend During the Ceremony From Our Four-Year-Old

My favorite comment watching them with her Friday night was during the "Frankie and June Say Thanks Tim" sequence, in which British music and the technological revolution is chronicled in the show.

Dancers During the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremonies in the "Frankie & June Say Thanks Tim" Sequence
Some of the costumes in this sequence are pretty bold to my four year old seemed more "scary" than fun, so her response during a few of the dancing sequence was:

"They Need More Of Those Poppins"

This was in reference to the Mary Poppins that rained from the sky previously to take on Harry Potter's Lord Voldemort and other British villains.

My Four-Year-Old's Morning After Response

The morning after the ceremony I asked her what her favorite part of the ceremony had been. I didn't know exactly what to expect, but I certainly didn't expect her to opine on the interpretation of the United Kingdom's transition from agrarian society to it's current modernized society.

In fact, if had to guess I though she might comment on the kids jumping on the hospital beds, or the drumming of Everlyn Glennie which she really enjoyed (and also lead to interesting discussions about how someone who is deaf could still play the drums and feel the rhythm).

But no, instead she described her favorite part saying "I liked the part with the girl getting clothes and stuff for college and saving a lot of money." I scratched my head and then realized what she was talking about. I asked "Did the girl have a pink and purple comforter?" She said "Yes, and it was not as expensive as the other stores."

Her favorite part of the ceremonies was not during the ceremony at all, but rather a commercial for Ross discount department stores. The commercial was probably during one of the first two breaks when her attention was at the highest level.

Sorry Danny Boyle, for my four-year-old you were outdone by a low budget commercial for Ross.


Judith Johnson said...

I loved this blog and the way it was written! My son's 30 now, but it made me smile a lot and remember the wonderful randomness of the things children say. I was enchanted by the way your daughter thought more Poppins were needed - Mary P was a childhood favourite of mine - incarnated by Julie of course!

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