Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lincoln Trailer - Twitter's First Thoughts

I've been blogging about the Lincoln movie off and on for over 6 years. My first post on the movie was in June of 2006 when Liam Neeson was cast to play Lincoln in a Steven Spielberg adaptation. But Lincoln didn't come out in 2007 like I originally posted and Liam was not the actor, instead it ended up being a 2012 release with Daniel Day-Lewis in the title role.

And three days ago the first trailer for the film has finally come out, in preparation for the November release. Well primed for holiday movie goers and award speculation.

The trailer can be found here:

It's interesting because I feel like the film's received some interesting, shall we say "mixed" responses based off the trailer. Here's some comments from Twitter that have surfaced since the trailer release. Two minutes of footage can certainly impact expectations.

○ The trailer for Lincoln looks like a throwaway gag from Tropic Thunder minus the jokes @Dave_Horwitz

○ I've watched the trailer for the new "Lincoln" movie like 16 times, it's the best 2 minute rush of historical excitement I've ever felt! @GrantMickelson

○ The new trailer for "Lincoln" is cool but Daniel Day-Lewis made a strange choice for Lincoln's voice. @jimmyfallon

○ The voice of the president in "Lincoln" is high-pitched and historically accurate. #smartnews @SmithsonianMag

○ Favourite bit of Lincoln trailer: offscreen voice shouting, "Leave the Constitution ALONE", like he's about to get jam on it or something. @FilmFan1971

○ Production value sure looks amazing. I love the taxi car horn score. #lincoln @kristapley

○ Really hope #Lincoln isn't #WarHorse2. That I could do without. Hopes remain high despite that less than stellar trailer. @NextProjection

○ I said EXACTLY the same thing to Mrs. DecentFilms. MT @NextProjection Really hope #Lincoln isn't #WarHorse2 @DecentFilms

○ @DecentFilms @nextprojection Au contraire. I *really hope* Lincoln *isn't "Tintin 2". @NickAlexCath

○ Spielberg's Lincoln Trailer Looks OK But Could Use a Horse That Touches Our Hearts and Brings Out the Best in Humanity @pajiba

○ The new LINCOLN trailer does a masterful job of not spoiling the second-act twist where Bill & Ted arrive. @MattDentler

○ Saw the trailer for "Lincoln." "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" just came out. Seems to soon to reboot the franchise. @dkhamiltoncomic

○ Love that Spielberg does show any vampires in the new #Lincoln trailer. Save it for the movie! @ComedyCentral

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