Tuesday, October 02, 2012

3D: One Film I Want To See in 3D This Year

Just because you can use technology in a film doesn't mean it's appropriate.

Not every film should try for loud sounds, big effects. In the same way, not every film needs to be animated. Sometimes, animation in a film is appropriate...such as in the film Mary Poppins. Mary Poppins used the technology available when it was needed and appropriate.

Similarly, in a time period where every "big blockbuster" seems to be available in 3D, the premium for the tickets is hardly worth it for a gag here and there.

But, I'm contemplating my feelings on 3D for the film The Life of Pi. In 2009 when this project continued to develop I questioned what this film would be like. Ang Lee is a master of many genres, and early word on this project is generally positive.
And it's in that positive view of the film, that in this case, it seems that 3D is used in a way that enhances the story telling here, and frankly sounds majestic.

I'll pay extra to see the movie this movie in 3D. I respect a director using the tools available to tell the right story when the story was appropriate.

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