Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kevin James, Boom, & Faith

[Timothy Dalyrmple] Here Comes the Boom showed characters engaging in acts of everyday faith — praying before a fight, or discussing the story of Jacob wrestling with God over a plate of pasta...Was there a deliberate decision to include scenes where faith is organic to the lives of the characters?

[Kevin James] Yes, absolutely.  There are so many movies out there that go the opposite way.  There’s so much negativity.  To show faith and prayer as positive things was important to me.  You’re right in that it’s difficult.  You don’t want to beat people over the head.  They’re hip to it, and they know when you’re just banging them over the head to get them to believe it.  So that was important to me, to make it organic, and to have it be in the main stream of this movie.  It shows up in different parts of the movie.

Timothy Dalyrmple in his interview of Kevin James (Here Comes the Boom) for Philosophical Fragments

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