Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pigs in Costumes

I tend to think dressing an animal (or babies) in a costume is cruel. That said, if your choice is being dressed as Batman or being turned into bacon...Batman's looking pretty good.

My daughter's favorite animal is pigs. So in her honor this Halloween, here are pigs dressed in costumes (I can't believe I'm posting this).

(And I still can't find the BatPig!)

Soccer Pigs from LA Time Blog: LA Unleashed.
Teacup Pigs in a Pumpkin from Observations of a Nerd.
The Pig Bride from Select Smart Forum.
Piglets Dressed as Tiger Cubs in Thailand from Snopes (with background story)
Miniature Pig Dressed as a Cowboy from Attack of the Cute
Okay...okay, that's enough. Happy Halloween.

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