Friday, October 31, 2008

Anne Geddes and Halloween Cruelty to Children & Pets

I can't stand Anne Geddes pictures. I tend to view them as cruelty. Exploiting babies, dressing them up in "cute outfits" for the sake of our enjoyment and they get nothing in return but the torture of having to be stuck in some flower pot or reclined across a fake flower decoration.

(Note, I feel the same way about you silly people that insist on dressing up your dog).

Well when my wife said "let's dress up our 4 month old for Halloween, I thought she was crazy."

"That's cruel." I said. "She can dress up when she's old enough to tell us she wants to dress up."

And imagine my surprise when I see infant costumes galore at children's clothing stores (Gymbore, Children's Place), department stores, big box retailers like Target, Pottery Barn Kids, and the list goes on. Suddenly I realized the scope of this cruelty.

Many people asked "What is Linden going to be for Halloween?"

"I think she's going to dress up as a baby." I would say, befuddled that everyone expected I would put my daughter through this silly ritual.

Yet earlier this week I folded.

I don't want to be cruel. But I didn't want my wife to sigh every time she she's her friends post baby-dress-up pictures on their blogs from this point forward.

So our daughter Linden does have a "costume." Nothing too torturous...something less than cruel that my wife and I have put together for her to wear this evening when she greets little children at the door to pass out candy.

What's your thoughts on dressing up infants and pets?
If you are dressing up your infant or pet, feel free to e-mail me a picture. I'd love to show off your pet/child here.

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Anonymous said...

I agree the Anne Geddes pictures are a little rediculous. I always think about what the kids must think in 15 years. Oh, there's that picture where I look rediculous and that photographer got very wealthy. Hmm.

On the other hand, dressing up your own kids for Halloween is really only something you do because it's fun for kids. So, it's kind of safe to assume that the kids are going to grow up and enjoy dressing up, so jump start the process. Plus, even if they don't have fun now, since they won't know what's going on, they'll have fun later looking at the pictures.

Anonymous said...

We're doing our first Halloween this year. Our kids (8/6/almost 4) all dress up any way. I think dressing up babies is fine I mean heck it's not like wearing clothes is natural so anything we put them in is "torturous". Now dogs...I'm with you on dog clothes/costumes.

Present and Accounted For said...

You were fighting a losing battle from the start. babies are cute dressed up for Halloween but I take a firm stand against dressing the dog.

Will said...

Hey, I feel the same way as you - about Anne Geddes "children-as-still-life-objects" art AND dressing up children in costumes. To me, it's EXACTLY the same kind of thing as knitting a tartan sweater for your dog — if it's not to keep your dog warm, that is. :-)

It's treating both of them like they are ornamental objects to be admired. Seems for the kid a bit dehumanizeing and, for the other, I guess a bit dedogizing (?). :-)

Dad said...

hmmm. I've never experienced this outrage at baby photography. Babies can't talk. So they speak to us through their cuteness. Their cuteness tells us how to dress them.

Anyway who days that babies and dogs don't deserve alittle hardship. I change her diapers and wipe stool off of her. The least she could do is endure a few hours dressed in a warm, comfy lion outfit. And dogs cause endless labor for their owners. Theleast they can do is pose for a few pics dressed as Yoda or Celibe Dion.

Anonymous said...

You had me then you lost me. I'm with on the Anne Geddes, but I've never thought baby Halloween costumes as cruelty before. Unless you're dressing your 6 month old as Pinhead and sticking their face full of needles, I don't see the harm. Our 9 month old was a sock monkey and was adorable. We're on the same wavelegnth on the pets though. THere's no excuse for that whatsoever.

Hey, my word verification is an actual word: render. I don't think I've ever seen that before.

Misty said...

I don't like pets being dressed up because they don't have a voice to tell their guardian it is uncomfortable and goofy looking. Small children probably feel the same way, even though I always enjoyed Anne Geddes pictures. Like your blog.

Anonymous said...

if we wait til they are older like this gentlemen said so they can pick what they want to dress up in..... well in that case, we better just let them stay in the nude, cause hey.... babies hate diapers too!

Anonymous said...

obviously u have never seen her in action on the intention of these photos .... maybe before u judge take a look at her docs as maybe then u may see some true authenticity, connecting mother earth back with children ...before u judge ask yourself this maybe your little ones watch way to much Tv drink sweet drinks and u have the hide to judge ...
it may seem un related but eating junk food and disconnecting from mother earth complaining about the rain etc is just as shallow minded... Time to wipe the egg of your face ....
and open your pretty little eyes to your reality, look long and hard in the mirror and enjoy the reflection.... then again ..... this is not about a halloween dress up its about authentically staying connected to mother earth ....

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I think there is nothing wrong with dressing your kids for the Halloween as long as it is comfortable enough for them. Dressing dogs on the other hand is cruelty.

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