Saturday, December 15, 2012

Golden Globes Nominate Their Favorites...Again.

As a follow up to my post on the dislike of the term "Snubs" one of the thing that strikes me about the Golden Globe nominees this year is how few new nominees were invited to the party this year.

I get only have so many invitations, invite the people you know you had a good time with in years past.

Is it fair? Does it really honor the best performances? Well those are silly question - it's the Golden Globes!

In the acting categories there are 30 nominees, only 3 are first time nominees. Here's how there newest nomination impacts their running count (in any category).

27th Golden Globe Nomination
Meryl Streep (8 wins)

11th Golden Globe Nomination
Helen Mirren (3 wins)
Sally Field (2 wins)
Maggie Smith (2 wins)

10th Golden Globe Nomination
Nicole Kidman (3 wins)
Judi Dench (2 wins)

9th Golden Globe Nomination
Leonardo DiCaprio (1 win)

8th Golden Globe Nomination
Helen Hunt (4 wins)

7th Golden Globe Nomination
Denzel Washington (2 wins)
Daniel Day-Lewis (1 win)

6th Golden Globe Nomination
Alan Arkin (1 win)

5th Golden Globe Nomination
Phillip Seymour Hoffman (1 win)

4th Golden Globe Nomination
Emily Blunt (1 win)
Richard Gere (1 win)
Tommy Lee Jones (1 win)
Bill Murray (1 win)
Amy Adams

3rd Golden Globe Nomination
Marion Cotillard (1 win)
Joaquin Phoenix (1 win)
Anne Hathaway

2nd Golden Globe Nomination
Christoph Waltz (1 win)
Rachel Weisz (1 win)
Jack Black
Jessica Chastain
Hugh Jackman
Jennifer Lawrence
Ewan McGregor

1st Golden Globe Nomination
Bradley Cooper
John Hawkes
Naomi Watts

Some quick observations/thoughts:

  • Of the 3 first time Golden Globe Nominees two of them (Hawkes and Watts) have been previous Oscar hardly new faces.
  • It looks like the Golden Globe post card based on this class is a ration of approximately 1 win per 5 nominations. 
  • Based on the 1 per 5 ratio, in this class of nominees it looks like Adams and Hathaway are both due for their free Golden Globe, and only 1 can win this year (both in Supporting Actress category). Who will it be? Sorry Helen, Sally &'re starting fresh punchcards this year.
  • I had to recount Meryl's a couple time just to make sure I was getting an accurate count.
  • Helen, Maggie & Judi should have a boxing match at the award ceremony for a special Dame Prize.

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