Friday, December 14, 2012

"SNUBS" and the 2012 Golden Globe Nominees

One of my least favorite award season words is Snub.

The term seems so negative, as if an award contender who doesn't get nominated was purposely excluded.

When in fact, there's only so many spots for each award category, tons of films, and everyone can't get nominated. And those who don't get nominated, in my opinion, are rarely "snubbed."

E!Online's Joal Ryan claimed Matthew McConaughey was snubbed (Bernie, Magic Mike). Joan Ryan also claimed The Dark Knight was snubbed as well.

The Daily Beast's Snub List included Tom Hopper (director, Les Miserables), Jake Gyllenhaal (End of Watch), Anthony Hopkins (Hitchcock), The Hobbit, The Dark Knight Rises, and Quevenzhane Wallis (Beast of the Southern Wild).

Jake Coyle's Huffington Post is titled "Golden Globes Snub and Surprises," but Coyle while listing excluded nominees (such as Javier Bardem for Skyfall or Robert DeNiro, Silver Lining Playbook) does not directly in his artical identify specific exclusions as "snubs" so I will cut Cole some slack and instead blame the Huffington Post editors for their title selection.

Snubs? Nah - I think instead this year offers some better performances and films to choose from then the past couple years, and some films or performances won't make the cut. I'm okay with that and I won't call anything a snub, because nothing is a sure least not this year.

Golden Globe Nominees
Picture & Film Acting Nominees

Best Picture (Drama)
Django Unchained
Life of Pi
Zero Dark Thirty

Best Picture (Musical/Comedy)
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
Les Miserables
Moonrise Kingdom
Salmon Fishing On the Yemen
Silver Lining Playbook

Best Motion Picture Actor (Drama)
Daniel Day-Lewis, Lincoln
Richard Gere, Arbitrage
John Hawkes, The Sessions
Joaquin Pheonix, The Master
Denzel Washington, Flight

Best Motion Picture Actress (Drama)
Jessica Chastain, Zero Dark Thirty
Marion Cotillard, Rust and Bone
Helen Mirren, Hitchcock
Naomi Watts, The Impossible
Rachel Weisz, The Deep Blue Sea

Best Motion Picture Actor (Musical/Comedy)
Jack Black, Bernie
Bradley Cooper, Silver Linings Playbook
Hugh Jackman, Les Miserables
Ewan McGregor, Salmon Fishing On the Yemen
Bill Murray, Hyde Park on Hudson

Best Motion Picture Actress (Musical/Comedy)
Emily Blunt, Salmon Fishing On the Yemen
Judi Dench, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
Jennifer Lawrence, Silver Linings Playbook
Maggie Smith, Quartet
Meryl Streep, Hope Springs

Best Supporting Actor Motion Picture
Alan Arkin, Argo
Leonardo DiCaprio, Django Unchained
Phillip Seymore Hoffman, The Master
Tommy Lee Jones, Lincoln
Christoph Waltz, Django Unchained

Best Supporting Actress Motion Picture
Amy Adams, The Master
Sally Field, Lincoln
Anne Hathaway, Les Miserables
Helen Hunt, The Sessions
Nicole Kidman, The Paperboy

Best Director - Motion Picture
Ben Affleck, Argo
Kathryn Bigelow, Zero Dark Thirty
Ang Lee, Life of Pi
Steven Spielberg, Lincoln
Quentin Tarantino, Django Unchained

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