Monday, January 14, 2013

Dame Fatigue? Judi, Helen & Maggie

Dame Judi Dench (Exotic Marigold Hotel), Dame Helen Mirren (Hitchcock), Dame Maggie Smith (Quartet)
Sometimes, it seems like Judi Dench, Helen Mirren, and Maggie Smith have become names that must be considered in any sort of award race pre-announcement. 

Despite the limited popularity (and releases, in some cases) of these three dames, there names were regularly tossed around as Oscar contenders this past year. And when the Golden Globe nominees were announced, each of these women were nominated for golden globes in feature films (The Exotic Marigold Hotel, Hitchcock, and Quartet).

In addition to these "Globe-worthy" performances, Maggie Smith has also done well this year picking up awards for Downton Abbey as well as her own attention for The Exotic Marigold Hotel and Judi Dench has received some awards attention and high praise for her work in the James Bond film Skyfall

Yet, none of them were Oscar nominees. Perhaps these ladies were close runner-ups in the nomination votes, or perhaps there's some "Dame Fatigue," and the Academy is ready to give them an awards rest for awhile from the award circuit.

Regardless, of whether that's the case. It's inevitable, that if these ladies are in a film people will be asking...will they be nominated for an Oscar? 

So here's a look at each of these Dame's 2013 schedules now, just to get the ball rolling. Who knows...maybe a year off from Oscar is just what they needed?

Judi Dench
Judi Dench's next project in post-production is Philomena, directed by Stephen Frears (who has come in and out of Oscar love with his most Oscarific success story coming from directing Dame Helen Mirren in The Queen). This film directed and staring Steve Coogan alongside Judi Dench is a little harder to tell where it falls on spectrum. Judi Dench plays a real life story of a woman, Philomena who is forced by the Catholic church to give up her son to an American family, and searches him out once he is an adult. 

Oscar potential...of course. Watch out for Dench in 2013.

Helen Mirren
So far, nothing on the 2013 calendar...unless you think playing Victoria in Red 2 is Oscar-worthy.

Oscar potential...all signs say "no."

Maggie Smith
What, more nominations for Downton Abbey? As for film work, so far, no evidence of potential film work for Smith in 2013, but that can change.

Oscar's looking like a "no."


Rosie Kirk said...

These women aged beautifully. I'm sure that they put a lot of work into it. Proper rest and diet will make you feel and look younger, its no secret but many people aren't disciplined enough and often neglects these guidelines.

Tristan Culpin said...

They do look younger than their ages. With their right habits and lifestyles, they'll probably have longer lives and won't develop any illness. When they grow older, they won't regret living the life they did.

Lena Rincon said...

These three had aged well. They still resemble the beauty that they had in the past. Maybe proper health and diet is a factor, but having money comes to my mind. You can take care of your skin and body when you can afford it.