Friday, March 29, 2013

Luxury Everything - Kind of Makes Me Sick

Have you seen this new commercial for the Acura RXL?


As soon as I saw it, I couldn't help but instantly find myself a little sickened.

Luxury Bed.
Luxury Sheets.
Luxury Shower.
Luxury Towel.
Luxury Suit.
Luxury Watch.
Luxury Coffee.
Luxury Coffeemaker.
Luxury Sugar.
Luxury House.
Luxury Car.

It's only 11 luxury items mentioned and for me it's over the top.

Maybe it's conviction because there's time when I like spending a little more for certain items. Who doesn't like a little luxury? I do. Whether it's a low end item like food or high end item like a house. Even if I don't have certain luxury's I can appreciate the quality and style of these items.

But this commercial is trying to say that the Acura RXL makes our other luxury item seem normal, which seems like a great campaign. But I'm left with the question of "Does everything need to be luxury?"

In fact, it makes me kind of sickened how everything (light fixtures, pastries, socks, vacations) can be marketed with luxury appeal...and we buy it.

Yet seeing it 10 seconds of luxury in this Accura commercial makes me want to drink Folgers Coffee out of a Mr. Coffee coffee pot in a matted bath robe from Walmart.

(Except I don't have Folger's Coffee, a Mr. Coffee brand coffee pot, or a bath robe - bummer!)


Anonymous said...

I googled "the new acura luxury commercial makes me sick" and your article was the first to pop up. I couldn't agree more. Makes me want to move to haiti and give up all of these worldly pleasure. Seems like a good idea but makes me feel sick about my vanity.

Anonymous said...

I hate this commercial. What the commercial said to me is that if you are someone who is vain enough to buy things because it is "luxury" then this is the overpriced car for them. If someone needs that many status symbols in their life they have a glaring need for someone to be jealous of them...I'll stick with my stock brand sugar, crap car, and average home if it prevents me from becoming a pretenious douche.

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