Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Nothing Else Like Movie Credits

Recently I was watching some movie credits and thought, what if everything around us was as self-congratulating as movie credits.

So many people get credits. Sure actors, directors, writers, and the people who provided the money to make it all happen. The camera men get credit, so do their assistants, and those who handle the lights, and buy props.

In the name of art, I can understand a lot of this.

But they also credit accountants, caterers, and the list goes on and on and on.

...And on and on and on some more.

In fact, film credits begin to look like a corporate organization chart.

And I wonder with every company's organization chart, titles included was included on every product. Obviously the font would have to be incredibly small on some products.

With if every accountant received credit on the products they made...and what if security company's got the credit for providing security on every product.

It's ridiculous, but it's an amusing thought. I don't think there's any hope in film credits getting any shorter, and really I have no reason to petition or argue that they should be. But man...some films have a lot of credits...long enough to play a handful of songs and I can't really think of a single other industry that puts so much effort into patting itself on the back this way.

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Jon said...

Magazines list a lot of folks in the front usually - publisher, designer, etc. But that's all I can think of