Thursday, August 22, 2013

Much To Say About Holey Socks

There is nothing worst than having to buy socks. 95% of your socks are hidden. Even in the land of athletic socks it seems like minimizing the sock with ankle socks instead of crew length has become common.

Sock technology is pretty limited. You can buy all sorts of comfortable shoes in different widths, sizes, and features. Socks are relatively featureless. There's usually just a handful of sizes, and heights. The biggest feature is usually a reinforced toe. Beyond that, all you have to choose is color or pattern, and again...these are typically hidden.

Granted, the wrong color sock (i.e. white socks with slacks) will glow like the morning sun, but beyond something that breaks standard style sense it's a relative freebie.

So, it seems to me that socks are something that I'm okay with letting wear out until the washing machine eats them.

Yet, it wasn't that long ago that I needed some new brown socks and splurged. I got a pair of Ralph Lauren Polo socks...they were a little more, but the color was perfect and I thought I could have some Cadillac socks.

Whew, they were so soft, the colors were perfect for my wardrobe and they fit so nice and snug. I wasn't going to look back again.

One of the joys of these socks were that the little pony on the side let me know which sock was the right sock and which sock was the left sock. It was like high longer did I just have two identical tubes to place my feet, but now I had something uniquely left, and uniquely right.

Yet in no time at all, the socks got holes in the reinforced toe. Perhaps they were my go to socks at the beginning but they wore out very quick. I began to wonder if it was because they were always on the same foot (left on left, right on right) perhaps causing it to wear quicker.

But I couldn't help myself, I kept on wearing them. I tried to position to whole in the toe to the top of my foot. They still thightly held my ankle and made me feel classy, despite the hidden hole burried beneath my shoe.

Yet, the toes started to poke out mid-day. I ignored it.

Yet, now instead of being my go to socks, they were my socks of last resort. And now they are typically avoided. But as my fancy socks I still couldn't bring myself to throw them away.

Today, they were my only choice. I analyzed each of the Ralph Lauren socks sets to see which one might be my best bet for minimal announce, and made a selection. But by the end of the day, the wholes grew. It's ridiculous! I think to myself, yet I hold onto them.

The reality is, I feel like I still didn't get my full utility out of the socks, and yet they're quickly past their prime.

I put them in dirty clothes glad to not have to worry about the toe poking out, but I just can't bring myself to toss them. But I need to. I need a sock support group that has a six step program for sock disposal. A program that tells me that even though the heel is perfect the holes make them trash, and it is okay to move on.

In ages past I imagine people would darn the socks to bring them back to life, and I'm tempted, but don't think I'm dedicated or have the skills to do so, although if there was a class at the local community center I might take it, because, I can't bring myself to throw away my fancy-holey-back-up-socks.

What does this all about. Is it a metaphor? Does it share something deep and meaningful about the nature of things, people, or the world? Hardly, it says nothing at all.


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