Wednesday, August 07, 2013

App Thoughts: Police Scanner Plus (and The Ketchup and Mustard Girls)

Sometimes in the evening, when I need to quiet my mind, am stressed, or need to clear my mind a bit I find myself strangely relaxed by listening to a police scanner app on my phone.

It's sort of like white noise, especially if I listen the suburban police channel for the area where we live. There's a light static, police talking in emotionless voice with description of traffic stops, addresses for welfare checks, and regular announcements of the time in military time for various reasons.

Listening to an urban city's can have the same effect, but of course the stories sometimes are more interesting and pull you in, for better or worst. It's a little voyeuristic, but also somehow makes me feel connected to where I live, makes me feel like my life is boring, and makes me feel still.

Last night, I listened to the scanner for a few minutes while my wife was getting ready for bed, and I could tell that summer was coming to an end and school was around the corner and some people where looking for some last minute trouble.

There were some teen traffic stops and tickets for speeding, but there was also a great hunt...a group of four girls who from the sound of it, were tagging driveways with ketchup and mustard. The police were after the ketchup and mustard girls.

Not sure if they were found, I turned it off and went to bed, wondering about the fate of these ketchup misfits.

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