Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Voice, Celebrity Status, and the The Wikipedia Test

Javier Colon - Season 1 Winner of The Voice
Sometimes I get a little fatigued by award competition shows. But, maybe you're like me...if you start watching one, you are often "hooked" to some degree.

For that reason alone, I avoid them. But this season my wife and I are watching The Voice. Not every minute of every episode...but most episodes.

I'll admit, I prefer The Voice, to most comparable shows (such as American Idol, X-Factor, etc.) but one of the things that perplexes me is the lack of true stardom that have come from any of The Voice winners. I understand if all, or even most don't bust through in some way, but four winner's so far and relatively limited star power for a widely followed show.

That said - in doing my review and thinking about this topic, I've also come to the conclusion that they're not giving their victors enough time to experience any success as reigning winner before spitting out a new winner.

So here it's is....I thought I'd put The Voice winners to the test with what I'm calling The Wikipedia Test.

Here's the test: If the award show contestant's Wikipedia page is primarily about The Voice (or before The Voice) or about what they've done after The Voice. Of course, time could change this.

♪ Season 1: Javier Colon (winner 2011). *Fail* he had more albums (3) before he won The Voice (0). His career section is all pre-winning The Voice. His page is all about The Voice and career before The Voice.

♪♪ Season 2: Jermaine Paul (winner spring 2012). *Fail* he was nominated for a Grammy in 2006, best performance by a duo or group with vocals for a collaboration with Alicia Keyes "If this World Were Mine." Since the voice he has not released an album - although does have a tentative album called "Finally." His page is almost all about The Voice.

♪♪♪ Season 3: Cassadee Pope (winner fall 2012). *Too Early/Too Close to Call* Cassadee Pope's wikipedia page is very pre-Voice and during The Voice. But let time play out on this one, she did release an album in October 2013 called Frame by Frame, which debuted at #9 on the Billboard 200, and #1 on the top country albums. CMT did a documentary as well about Pope's post-Voice journey.

♪♪♪♪ Seasion 4: Danielle Bradbery (winner spring 2013). *Too Early to Call* It's not fair to judge Danielle about her post-Voice career since she only won months ago. Danielle is going to be the quickest CD released album The Heart of Dixie - in fact, her single with the same title was released in July and has already had some good radio airplay.

See how these artist compare to the winner's to-date of American Idol here: American Idol, Celebrity Status and The Wikipedia Test 

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