Friday, February 07, 2014

Winter Olympic Opening Ceremony 2014 - Sochi Style

Olympic opening ceremonies are so long - the parade of nations in itself is a very long type of event to watch in prime time - I didn't watch much of it, or hardly any at all. I'm okay with that.

But after the long parade there is the effort to put an entire countries culture and history (in this case, Russia's) into an artistic expression that also last too long. But so it goes.

There was definitely some real impressive visuals. While at times other symbolic expressions were lost on me - but then again, I realize in watching something like this how I don't have the best grasp on Russian history.Not sure if dancing buildings help give me a sense of that history - or the fun hipster scene reminiscent of a 1950s in Russia I have never seen.

One of the things that the ceremony reminds me of is how much I do love Russian music - granted the opening ceremonies at time reminded me of watching Fantasia, but couldn't complain about the sound of Igor Stravinsky.

Visually there of course was some "unique" (positive and strange) things, but my favorite was the projection of scenes on the floor integrated with live action - the technical style of what they did was pretty amazing.

Least favorite was the very very long scene of the glowing sports figures, mostly because the scene just went on and on. The pieces reminded me of fancy lawn deer people put out for Christmas and while they were visually interesting - they became visually boring after the first 30 seconds.

There certainly is something special about the Olympics, and while the Winter Olympics don't intrigue me the way the Summer Olympics do...but all the same, it's fun to see these ceremonies, and while the artistic nature sometimes is a little bit out there, I can enjoy something like this that you know is a one time unique event.


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