Saturday, April 26, 2014

Adventure Hobby Thrill Season

For all sort of reasons (new and recent) which I intend to outline in more detail, I have found myself recently willing to pursue an adventure, find a new hobby, or seek out a thrill.

And believe me...I am not a thrill seeker. In fact I often feel like I don't have many hobbies -- especially those ripe for small talk. And when it comes to adventure, outside of the fun of three kids and the fun we enjoy together as a family, I'm not sure that I seek true adventure.

But with that in mind - in having some conversations today with some dear friends (conversations I've had in part before, but in a much more action minded manner today), I decided now is the time for adventure and I said to these friends "If you say do it, I will say yes." Now these of course, friends I trust to not lead me into danger, but rather just push me a little bit. But I was serious - because I was ready for an Adventure Hobby Thrill Season.

To be continued...

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mike said...

I like your site, I follow, thanks.