Sunday, February 22, 2015

Trying Not to Be Negative about the 2015 Oscars

The 87th Academy Award Ceremony will be held this evening, and I am trying not to me negative about them.

I love the Oscars. I do.

But 2015 is a year where none of the films have been overly exciting for me, in fact - I find it very annoying that The Grand Budapest Hotel, a film I didn't enjoy at all is nominated for 7 Academy Awards, or that Boyhood, an ambitious project (that's a little long and boring) is a front-runner going into tonight's ceremony.

The box-office speaks for this years ceremony - a ceremony where all the films with nominations (except the very successful American Sniper) have had some less-than-dynamic box offices (although some are reasonable considering the genre/audience, etc.). But these are not popular films.

I do not claim or propose that the Academy honor popular films but I also think that it's a pity that winners of tonight's awards will be names we may know but in films most haven't seen (example, Julianne Moore from Still Alice).

I'm not saying that The Academy got it wrong, or that more commercially successful films should have been in the mix (Maleficient, 22 Jump Street and Ride Along are certainly not Oscar worthy films). But that maybe this year only needed 5 best picture nominees instead of 8.

Props to tonight winners - I certainly can't say that any of the winner's tonight are in themselves undeserving, but the competition this year is just simply something I'm having a hard time getting excited about.

So if I seem "poo-pah" about things, it's not for lack of respect for these films or winners, it's just...well...not the most exciting competition this time around, and probably not the award show we will be talking about for years to come.

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