Friday, February 06, 2015

Where Is Zach Braff

Like a flash of lightening in your microwave when you remember you can't microwave metal, I thought tonight to myself...Where Is Zach Braff.

My wife and loved watching scrubs. We even owned the part because the show introduced me to Colin Hay and sometimes I just want to sing the song Overkill. Wait now I have to post the video - here you go:

And up to a point this show was witty, creative, and funny and Zach Braff as young Doctor Dorian was perfect for the part.

And in the middle of the long running series he directed Garden State. Actually it was over 10 years ago, which is sort of bizarre in itself. And it really seemed like Zach Braff as a director was a threat to watch. Speaking of music, Zach even won a Grammy award for another great soundtrack.

And like I said, tonight all the sudden I realized Zach had sort of disappeared from the public light. His 2014 film Wish I Was Here didn't really hit on anyone's radar and yet, I have to think there is a place for Zach Braff.

It seems to me that place may be as Zach Braff, director. But who's to say. Zach is funny, a little bit off-center and a comical story teller. Yet, it's been over 10 years since he's resonated in the way he did in Garden State or the successful early season of Scrubs.

All this leads me to ask "Where Is Zach Braff?" I want Zach Braff to be the most famous Zach.

I ask "Where Is Zach Braff" because I want to see a Zach Braff come back. And not just in syndication.