Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Tweet Too Quick - But Nice Observation for Me, Strangers on a Train

The other night I was watching Strangers on a Train, while my wife was practicing her dance moves for a flash mod at work (I can't make this stuff up).

And I was struck watching the film how much the movie reminded me of Talented Mr. Ripley -- namely the manipulation between two male leads, one who is wealthy/playboy style character.

Of course, I tweet without researching (that's what twitter's about, right?).

And I quickly fact check myself (I'm not popular enough on twitter for other people to do it for me).

To my personal self-satisfaction it was based on a story by the same author -- both books (Strangers and Ripley) are written by Patricia Highsmith.

Still pretty pleased with myself.

Which also reminds of another thing - about three years ago I posted the imdb.com Top 250 films I hadn't seen yet -- this is one of them. Check it off the list, done!

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