Saturday, January 28, 2017

12 Books in 2017

I read books off and on. It seems easy to get distracted from a mission to read in a world where I can check Facebook, Instragram, e-mail, read news articles, watch Netflix, or do actual productive things (maybe).

I realized that in 2016 I didn't read that much, but what I did read, I enjoyed. It was a pleasant accomplishment, of sorts. So I thought in 2017 I would make it a conscious 12 books in 2017.

This goal gives me a natural pacing (a book a month, without a restriction say June slips away), and this blog commemorates the commitment.

I realize the goal is nothing big...some people read ten fold that amount in a year, but based on recent reading pace, life pace, and being a dreadfully slow reader, this goal is a nice start. (Note, not counted in my count is the books I read aloud to children which often contain pictures -- these get read often...we're talking about reading for me, fiction and non-fiction, various lengths).

I will update this post throughout the year and likely add related post about the books I've finished. Here's to reading in 2017.


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