Monday, March 27, 2017

Black Mirror: Top 10 Female Roles in Series 3

The casting in Black Mirror is fantastic, but in the third series/season (Netflix, series 3) the casting is somewhat different and at the same time features some tremendous female performances.

For starters, the casting is, well, less British (although casting is quite diverse), and second while every episode is not female-centric, the female characters in the third series get some meaty and interesting roles and really shine.

Below is a rank list of notable call outs in series 3 -- five as leading females in the episode and five in more cameo/supporting roles.

Top 5 Female Episode Leads, Series 3

1. Kelly Macdonald, Hated in the Nation (Ep 3. 6)

2. Mackenzie Davis, San Junipero (Ep 3. 4)

3. Gugu Mbatha-Raw, San Junipero (Ep 3. 4)

4. Bryce Dallas Howard, Nosedive (Ep 3.1)

5. Faye Marsay, Hated in the Nation (Ep 3. 6)

Top 5 Female Episode Supporting Roles, Series 3

1. Wunmi Mosaku, Playtest (Ep 3.2)

2. Cherry Jones, Nosedive (Ep 3.1)

3. Hannah John-Kamen, Playtest (Ep 3.2)

4. Madeline Brewer, Men Against Fire (Ep 3.5)

5. Sarah Snook, Men Against Fire (Ep 3.5)

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