Monday, March 11, 2019

Your Name. (2016)

In the quest to knock out some of the top 250 films I haven't seen, I got a hold of  Your Name. (directed by Makoto Shinkai) and immersed myself in this film with my 10 year old daughter (who's younger siblings joined in, which has made for some awkward moments of 6 year old acting like he's grabbing his breast like the character does in the film).

In the film the initial set up is an odd occurrence of two people swapping bodies (a teen boy from Tokyo into a girl from small town Japan and vice versa). The story actually seems like an artful freaky Friday at first, but it gets more...well meta-physical (think Interstellar and String Theory).

I'm not surprised that this very popular and commercially successful Japanese film would be slated for a live-action American produced re-make, and imagine that it will be very successful. The American version is currently slated to be directed by Mark Webb, of 500 Days of Summer and Amazing Spider-Man fame with a screenplay re-write by Oscar-nominated Eric Heisserer (Arrival).

Is this one of the best films of all time, currently in top 100, I don't think it'd make my list, but it was certainly enjoyable, and am excited after my viewing to see what happens with this film when re-introduced to audiences in a live action format.

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