Monday, February 13, 2006

Geriatric Indiana Jones

Stay tuned...Harrison Ford has realized that he is not that great of an actor and decided that in order to get some credit and return in the spotlight, Indiana Jones 4 is the way to go.

(Harrison Ford is probably still mad he didn't get a shot to try out for the part of Anikan Skywalker in the newest trilogy of Star Wars).

Actually, an article in the Seattle Times today talks about how Harrison Ford is "crusading" for Indiana Jones 4 to press along to come out in 2007.

And yes, Ford is to play Indiana word yet on whether Sean Connery will play his dad...and the story takes place after WWII.

Maybe Ford could break out of the nursing home and travel with his grandson to go beat up some Iraqies.

(note: I remember watching What Lies Beneath about 5 years ago and Harrison Ford is getting older...he's either 63 or 64 years old now.)

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