Saturday, April 29, 2006

"That's weird" or What I thought When I saw Lindsay Lohan in the A Prairie Home Companion Preview

Last night when I saw "Thank You For Smoking." During the previews, I was excited to see their was a preview for "A Prairie Home Companion."

This obviously is one of the big films for can it not be with Robert Altman directing the film (did you know that P.T. Anderson was a back-up director for the project in case Altman was unable to finish directing...I thought that was interesting).

Anyways...I didn't know too much about the film except for some of the big names, namely Lily Tomlin & Meryl Streep (people ask, will this be Streep's 14th nomination, come on she got nominated for "Music of the Heart" how could she not get nominated for this??)

But with the star studded cast (Garrison Keillor, Kevin Kline, Virginia Madsen, Tommy Lee Jones, John C. Reilly) I haven't heard anyone mention that Linday Lohan was in this movie...and she actually looks like she plays the role pretty convincingly.

Is Linday Lohan here to stay and is she going to be able to be in large scale "important" projects. I think she did a great job in "Mean Girls" and in "Freaky Friday." And yet, she seems like a teen star (I think her entrance on to the music scene and her MTV performances enforce that idea for me). Her next film "Just My Luck" seems like that type of film too...

But after Just My Luck and Prairie Home Companion, Linday Lohan's project look a little more serious...
  • Bobby - Emilio Estevez's project about the people in the hotel where Robert Kennedy was assassination.
  • Chapter 27 - A Film staring Jared Leto as Mark David Chapman before the murder of John Lenin
  • Billy - A movie with Aaron Ekhart about a guy mentoring a teen (presumably Lohan?)
Anyways, I wonder if Lohan is going to move into the world of "serious acting" or remain in the world of teen idol, or how this 18 year old will reinvent herself as she moves out of her teens in the next couple years?

Just My Luck comes out in theaters May 12th, 2006
A Prairie Home Companion comes out in theaters June 9, 2006 (has been shown at SXSW film festival and Berlin film festival already)
The picture above is of Meryl Streep and Linday Lohan from A Prarie Home Companion.

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Calum Reed said...

I'm really a fan of Lohan in Mean Girls and Freaky Friday, as you said. She'd be better off moving into more dramatic roles now, instead of playing 15 year olds for the next 5 years. I'm sure she's good enough to.

Ramification said...

She is on the cover of W magazine with Meryl Streep so I think her appearance in the film will be used to market it. I think she is a very good actress, there is something about her that is very watchable and I think she will be able to make that transition from 'teen star'.

Oh, and I love Lilly Tomlin, when is her Oscar nomination coming ? I thought she derserved one for I *Heart* Huckabees.

Paula said...

She'd better start playing only look young for so long, sister. I'm turning 40, I know.


Anonymous said...

Curious of what you thought of "Thank You for Smoking"?
(I enjoyed it.)

Unknown said...

this isn't related to ms lohan BUT mr altman is my favorite director.

i sure didn't know about anderson being a back-up. that certainly is both odd AND interesting......

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much of Lindsay's popularity is due to the fact that she's a dead ringer for the young Liz Taylor.

Golden Bra Straps said...

This is an old piece of write up but it did remind me how incredibly talented Lohan used to be before all the current issues that are going on with her these days.