Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Why Malaysia Loves Strange Culture

I have wondered why I get so many searches from Malaysia of people looking up Monica Pang on my blog...so I decided to check Monica Pang's name on Google News.

(I had blogged about Monica Pang, first runner up of the Miss America pagent asking if she'd be my friend on facebook, she accepted, while Jennifer Berry, the winner did not, that popular post were I request her friendship can be found here while the post after she accepted is here)

Well apparently, Monica Pang visited Malaysia as I discovered on google news because that is were her grandparents live.

Allow me to cut and past the first paragraph of an article from Malaysia Star about her visit...see if you can find anything interesting.

Grandparents Pang Hong Cheng, 90, and Yap Shit Moy, 86, have to wait a little
longer to see their celebrity granddaughter Monica Pang, the reigning Miss
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