Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Update: Da Vinci Movie, Aras, Muffins & Nepotism

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Check out's Da Vinci Code reviews...currently with 16 reviews coming in only Lou Lumenick of the New York Post has given the film a positive review...making the film currently only 6% fresh...I imagine it will go up as more online critics join the scene...but yikes...that's not good for Da Vinci fans, Tom Hanks, Ron Howard, Dan Brown or Sony.

Of the 9 reviews so far for Over The Hedge also coming out this weekend, the rating is 78%. This can only help the Othercott coordinated by Barb Nicolosi.

Survivor 12- Panama - Exile Island Prediction
I ultimatly picked Bruce Kenagai to win this season...but here is a quote from my Febuary 1st Preshow predictions: "I think that the winner of Survivor 12 - Panama - Exile Island will be Aras, Bruce, Bobby or Sally." And there you have it Aras Baskauskas did win. (Although there's always a money winner and "real winner" obviously this year is Cirie Fields...a friend of mine suggested that Cirie would be a great host of the View.)

Open Letter to Paul Greengrass (director of United 93)
Matthew Englander in the comments refered to another 9/11 film: "Wasn't there a Hollywood film a couple of years ago about a firefighter who had to give a eulogy for his colleagues who died at the WTC, and hires a woman to write it for him and then falls in love with her? I remember seeing trailers for it but don't know the title. I just mention it because unless it's a figment of my imagination, that was really the first theatrical film about 9/11. " I never saw Ladder 49 with Jaoquin Pheonix and John Travolta, but I think this might be the film your refering to.

Do You Know The Muffin Man?
Fact: The School (Lake Highland High School) lost power The morning after (Wednesday) and had to cancel classes.
Fact: An 86-year-old woman who worked at the school was hospitalized overnight, and was released Wednesday from Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas

Cannes Film Festival Soon To Begin
Thanks Agustus on the good information about Jason Schwarztman being the nephew of Francis Ford Coppola (thus a Sofia Coppola's cousin) this obviously could have helped his chances being cast as French royalty is Sofia's new movie Marie-Antoinette.

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I recently came across Strange Culture (through Sheri's blog) and have enjoyed your postings. I miss the rants of a good movie snob.