Thursday, May 18, 2006

Why We Are Not Yet Ready for Children

Suspect Apprehended for Possible Plant Slaughter
At 5:45 Thursday night the owner of this plant remembered that she had left the plant in the car unattended for an hour and a half.

The temperature was 97 degrees and not a single window was cracked.

The suspect responded "I'm not used to having a plant in my car." As if that was an acceptable excuse.

There are currently no other subject in the plant's death, the suspect believes that in time the victim can be revived.

She is currently facing charges for negligence with possible future charges for involuntary plant slaughter if the victim does not recover.


Sher said...

I took a plant back to the Home Depot Landscaping store yesterday because it died. I bought it on Sunday. It shouldn't have died. The other plants didn't die.

I can sympathize with this poor woman!

Dad said...

Hey aren't you babysitting, like, right now? Just stay away from the car I guess.

Unknown said...

if i had passed the car and saw the defensless plant, i would be compelled to break a window to rescue it.

NO EXCUSE - she makes the cover of neglegent plant keeping magazine