Thursday, June 08, 2006

Can Jamie Foxx Pull Off Another Musical Legend

The other day I reported that Liam Neeson was cast to play Abraham Lincoln but get this...

Jamie Foxx has been cast to play Bob Marley.

Foxx has an academy award for Ray, but can he change his image and be reggae-politico Bob Marley??

The film is being directed by the Algerian director Rachid Bouchareb (who recently get some attention at Cannes for his film Indigènes, which I believe is also called "Days of Glory")

Can Foxx pull of Marley??? (Especially, can he pull off Marley as well as he pulled off Ray Charles?)

The film is apparently supposed to be about Marley's life as a child through his young adulthood.

As a side note, reading about Marley I've discovered that Marley had 12 children, 4 with his wife Rita...for some reason's this reminds me of Jacob's 12 children which became the 12 tribes of Israel...maybe these children will be the 12 tribes of Jamaica, whose offspring it will be responsible to spread the Rastafari message. I have heard some of the music of Ziggy Marley.

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AWG said...

There was a young actor in "Silver City" who would be perfect as Bob Marley. Can't remember his name, though.

Anonymous said...

Can he do it and pull it off...yes. Should he do it..hmmm probably not.The sad thing about Jamie Foxx is that he is through the roof talented, but his choices aren't selective enough.

Miss Kitty said...

I agree with Andrea 100%--I had the same thought when I saw this news item. "Ray" was fantastic--should Jamie just leave it at that and try to find some roles that are even more challenging than playing Ray Charles was?

However, if he's as good as Marley as he was a Ray, then the only roles he'll be able to get will be musical legends. I can see it now: an Elvis bio-pic starring Jamie Foxx...

2complx said...

I don't know he will be type-cast as you guys suggest. I do know the guy has real talents in the comedy area. I think that playing the master of reggae will just add to his versatility. I hope it is as good as his last movie.