Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Jessica Replaces Lindsay in Bill

Strange Culture recently reported that Lindsay Lohan was frustrated with Bernie Goldmann and Melisa Wallack, first time directors of the film Bill.

Well, I didn't know if Lohan had already begun this film or not, but apparently she hadn't, and because the Bill-crew was beginning filming this week they needed a replacement fast and they hired Jessica Alba to take over Lohan's former role.

It's hard to tell if this film has potential to be even remotely enjoyable or popular, but if anything it shows that Lindsay Lohan lacks a little finesse she might need to remain in the Hollywood game.

Also, props to Jessica Alba for somehow manage to get her name written on my blog again...this is actually the 4th time.

Previous Post mentioning Jessica Alba on Strange Culture:

So since I've never followed Jessica Alba or her career..
here are some random facts about Jessica Alba:

  • Young Jessica Alba appeared in two national TV commercials for J.C. Pennys and Nintendo
  • Her father is Mexican-American, her mother is Danish/Italian/French/English
  • Alba's most prominent award nomination to date is her Golden Globe nod ("Lead Actress in a Drama Series" TV) for her wark the first season of Dark Angel
  • Alba said that in her teen years she became a born-again Christian in a rebellion against her parents but later abandoned these beliefs because people gave her grief and made her feel ashamed for having a body that "tempted men"
  • She has a tattoo of a daisy on the back of her neck, a butterfly just above her lower back, and the Sanskrit symbol for lotus flower on her wrist
Facts found here.

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J.D. said...

I will go see a movie simply because it has Jessica Alba in it.

Lindsey Lohan has the exact opposite effect on me.

Unknown said...

i really hope that the the first time director becomes huge and lindsey suffers greatly on any set of a film that she is on. the nerve of this child!

2complx said...

Dark Angel.. Jessica Alba... Nice

Daniel said...

Jessica Alba was, if the trades are to be believed, cast in a different part in "Bill," not the part Lohan was supposed to be playing. I think that piece of information was in the print version of the Variety story, but not the online version, which seems like an odd exclusion, but what can you do? My understanding, though, is that Alba will play the clerk Aaron Eckhardt's character falls for, while Lohan was going to play the unruly teen something else happened with...