Saturday, June 17, 2006

Michael Shih is Mitsu's Guy

The other night we attended Concerts in the Garden a multi-night event in Fort Worth put on by the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra. Last night was a tribute to Gershwin, with fireworks going off while Alexander Mickelthwate conducted An American in Paris.

One of my friends Mitsu is a Japanese-American has had minimal experience with the the symphony life and was excited to see so many Asians in the orchestra (he counted 6).

The concert master is Chinese-American Michael Shih from Taiwan.

As soon as Mitsu realized that Shih was such a big wig in the FWSO he adopted Shih as "his guy."

Funny things Mitsu said last night:

"My guy just needs to forget them and bust loose."

"People think Asians are just math and science guys, but Asians excel in the Fine Arts."

"My guy needs to have a solo concert with the boston pops and play John Williams. John Williams is much better than Gershwin."

"Why's that other guy playing when my guy's playing his solo."

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janamichelle said...

i hope ya'll had fun at the concert. happy early birthday. we are 177 miles from CDA!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha... That sounds about right. :)

Sorry we missed the concert - I'm glad to hear you guys had fun!

Oda Daddy said...

We like the concerts as well. Mike Shih is a good friend of mine. He's playing with the DSO (Mozart: Violin Concerto No. 3) on July 1.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time and that Mitsu provided as much entertainment as the actual concert.

Anonymous said...

You neglected to mention that Mitsu has had minimal experience with the Asian life.

Happy belated birthday!

Sher said...

Wow! Mitsu is such a funny guy! I'm glad he's my friend.

Uhhh...Happy late birthday and Not-Father's Day! Sorry I'm late. I haven't been reading blogs!