Monday, July 10, 2006

Fast Food: Diet Pepsi and Eggs

The unforunate Diet Pepsi Experience
Today, my wife and I met up for lunch at Taco Bell. When she filled up her plastic cup with Diet Pepsi, and we enjoyed our lunch together.

As she was almost finished with her drink she looked up at me.

"There's Something black floating in my drink," she said.

She reached into her glass and pulled out the black spickett from the machine.

Apparently it had fallen off when she was filling up her glass.

We went up to counter where the minimum wage employee took the spickett somewhat confused. And minutes later when we left the spickett was back on the machine.

Did they wash it? Sanitize it? etc. My wife's backwash and who knows what else is on gross.

The Grocery Store Arrest
Heard this story from a student about their weekend.

A couple girls were out on the town on a weekend evening and decided they were going to egg "a friends" house.

Yet they didn't have any money with them and one girl told the other to wait with her because she was going to steal some eggs.

How do you steal eggs from the grocery store? Well she had a plan.

She filled up her empty Sonic drink cup with eggs, and as she was leaving was caught by police who gave her a $500 ticket.

Those will hopefully be the most expensive eggs she ever buys.

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Richard said...

Why did she think that it would be a good idea to actually steal the eggs? I mean really, what was the thought process there?

Sher said...

Better a spickett than a roach!

Jordan M. Poss said...

I've had the nozzle of a Coke machine fall off in my drink before, but, as is my usual luck, that wasn't the full extent of the incident. Coke shot out horizontally and thoroughly soaked the sleeve of the dress shirt I was wearing. Not good times.

Paula said...

I am always amazed at the stupor that working in a min-wage crass-food joint can induce in young people. There's no point in trying to communicate with them. Once they put that uniform on, their brains go into automatic pilot..."Would you like fries with that?" "Have a nice day." in mono-tones.

It makes me feel sorry for them, makes me want to rip their uniform off their body and yank them over the counter, releasing them from their cage.

spookyrach said...

Yeah, I was totally expecting a roach.

petunia said...

I love your blog - this post reminded me of a few years ago being in a Denny's waiting to get seated. I saw a waitress walk across the crowded restaurant with two glasses of soda in her hands. She was furrowing her brows, obviously confused looking back and forth from glass to glass==she finally took a sip of one - not know which was diet? Anyway, she walked right over to the table and set them down in front of the customers!!!!! We left.

Darrell said...

Oh, great. Just what I needed... another for my collection of OCD fears about fast food. ;)

Unknown said...

That's the third or fourth gross story I've heard about Taco Bell.

I'm thinking of collecting such stories for a bestselling you want to be in it?

AWG said...

Taco Bell is usually filthy. Not surprised by this one bit.

lost goddess said...

OK you ppl act as if you have never worked at such a place . Without such place most ppl never receive the job experience need to move on to other opportunities. Those so called mono-tone monkeys you so speak of will be your children one day.

And if you wonder about the Sanitation of your spicketts then ponder this........... When I was 16 I worked at Arby's roast beef and they also have these infamous dispensers which were* to be Sanitized every night by soaking in them in a detergent. Only problem was you had to remove the rubber gasket located somewhere on the spickett which was a huge problem to get back on the the next morning. They could have continued to soak them leaving the gasket on but in doing so would have caused the rubber to break down. Their solution was to not Sanitize them at all.

Every so often I would remove the spickett and clean them by hand. Do you know what had accumulated on to these spicketsover that time? Mold, every time, every spicket excepted Dr. Pepper. I didn't drink Dr.P my whole 16 yrs until this experience.

Moral of the story : there ARE worst things in your dispensed cola than backwash. and there IS less Sanitation then every really noticed.

Peter Brown said...

I'm never leaving the house again...

Paula said...

lost goddess, i only wrote the comment i did because i feel sorry for the monotone monkeys. i think there are other options for first job experiences, and i hope my daughter never chooses a job where she has to mindlessy go through motions just to satisfy her corporate exploiter.

Attila the Mom said...

Oh dear. One day these knuckleheads will be running the world. ;-)

Kimberly Ann said...

As the victim of the spiket incident, being the said wife of RC, I was grossed out, but also, not really. I mean, how much can you expect from places like Taco Bell? There is a reason you can eat there for $2. I hold nothing against them. If that's all I'm willing to pay for food at that moment, then I probably have something like a spiket in my soft drink or an annoying 15-year old Latina giving me attitude.