Thursday, July 13, 2006

Jamie Foxx's Big Head

If Memoirs of a Geisha taught us about female-power-struggles, then the male crew of Miami Vice can teach us about Male-Power-struggles.

Jim alerted be to this Slate article where it talks about Jamie Foxx's big head he had on the set Miami Vice set. Foxx had signed to work with Michael Mann on Miami Vice just before he won his academy award for Ray.

Well apparently that's all he needed to get a big head.

He requested his own private jet, he asked for money (because originally Colin Farrell was making more money).

And the worse of it, was that Michael Mann had to changing the ending of the film, which was supposed to be shot in Paraguay...but Foxx refused to exit the country when he heard about a shooting in the Dominican Republic.

Who is this gold digga'?

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Mob said...

Ray aside, isn't this the same fool that played 'Wanda' the ugly girl on In Living Color a couple hundred years ago? I mean, is he really that much of a big name that he can make any kind of crazy demand and slide by with it?


Ando said...

ah, celebrities.

Magnus said...

I'm actually wondering why this needed to be ressurected at all? I hated Miami Vice, and more than that I am not a fan of either Fox or Farrell.
Fox didn't deserve the Oscar, Don Cheadle did.

The Zoner said...

There isn't a person that I need to see less of than Foxx. I never saw Ray either.

Paula said...

I never watched "Miami Vice" the first time around (yes, I'm old enough to have done so if I wanted), and I'm certainly not going to watch it the second time.

2complx said...

I would like to go to Paraguay.. Sounds like a jerk.