Friday, July 07, 2006

No Marley for Foxx, Just Michael Mann

Early June I drew up a post about Jamie Foxx playing Bob Marley in a a biopic directed by Rachid Boucharid.

Well according to cinematical and the Jamaica Observer, Jamie Foxx says he will not be playing Bob Marley. So...I stand corrected, and my cool graphic above was officially a waste of time. So I've X-ed it out.

In my earlier post on this picture andrea commented:
"Can he do it and pull it off...yes. Should he do it..hmmm probably not.The sad thing about Jamie Foxx is that he is through the roof talented, but his choices aren't selective enough."

I agree.

Obviously Miami Vice and Dreamgirls star Foxx. You probably already have opinions as to whether these are good or bad films for Foxx's carreer.

In 2007 he's doing a movie called The Kingdom directed by Peter Berg (Friday Night Lights). Check out the description for the Kingdom: "A team of U.S. government agents are sent to investigate the bombing of an American facility in the Middle East. " How's that for original (Jarhead costar Chris Cooper is also in this film) Michael Mann has a writing credit for this film and is also one of the producers.

Foxx also is also reported to star in Michael Mann's next film to direct (after Miami Vice) called Damage Control about a Lawyer worker to cover up stuff for a sports agent.

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Jim Jannotti said...

Wow. This is news to me about Miami Vice! I don't get out much.

Anyway, Mann has evolved significantly since his involvement with the TV show in the 80's. I never connected with the show and only watched it a few times, and disinterestedly at that. But I dig Mann's films, especially Heat which is one of my personal 10 best. Even the insider had some things going for it, despite the presence of Russell Crowe.

So on the basis of his cinematic history (including his collaboration with Foxx), I'll run out and see MV in December when it comes out. Provided I don't forget, that is, like I did with The New World.

Jim Jannotti said...

Oops, sorry. Was looking at the wrong date on the IMDB web page. I guess I'll only have to wait a couple of weeks for it... I should be able to keep it in my head for that long.

2complx said...

Humm I think it is too bad.

JW said...
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JW said...

of that project just made me want to cringe.

As to Miami Vice, don't doubt that it might be good despite what you might think of the TV show. Michael Mann has a real talent, has already done one great crime thriller (Heat), and could have had another (Collateral) were it not for Tom Cruise. He's also done The Insider, and while not a crime movie it was still good. I'm not sure how it would affect his career or not, but it is probably good to avoid being typecast.


Unknown said...

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