Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Wedding Cake, Part 2

In the post Wedding Cake, Part 1 I discussed how the past year of idle waiting the topper to my wife and I's wedding cake has been forced to undergo as well as the multi-layered, multi-medium wrapping that took place.
The cake made the successful almost 1000 mile journey with no problem and the defrosting process seemed to be beginning. Upon arrival at my parents house I transferred it to the micro-fridge in my parents basement.

Perhaps in this update it is an appropriate time to post a picture of our wedding cake. (It is posted to the right). The four layers have small miniature flowers on the sides with beaded piping around the edges and is adorned with live Gerber daisies (my wife's favorite flower).

I love cake, and so I was very excited the enjoy fresh wedding cake at my sister's wedding on Saturday. Like my wife and I, her cake had different flavors on different layers. I had a slice of almond poppyseed with raspberry (my favorite) as well as a slice of classic white with white frosting.

My sister's beautiful wedding cake is pictured at left with live roses, her favorite flower.

And although the catering company removed the top of her cake and boxed it up separately, the bakery my sister and her husband used have a special deal were they give you a small cake on your one year anniversary so they don't have to contend with the cake toping challenge.

After the wedding reception we hung out with our large family (bride and groom excluded of course), and after the party ended my wife and I left to begin our anniversary trip. We loaded up the cake from my parents refrigerator and returned it to the cooler and trekked it with us inside of the hotel.

And we had waited long enough, I was set on waiting one more day until our actual anniversary. Being resourceful I added a bucket of ice to the cooler to help keep the wrapped cake topper cool.

Stayed tuned for the conclusion to the 1 year old wedding cake saga.


Shaman Dandulla said...

Lovely wedding cake!

thanks for stopping by!

billie said...

lovely. i was going to warn you not to eat the cake! my husband and i did and it was dry as sandpaper. my advice to all newlyweds and first anniversariers- remember the cake fondly but don't wait a year to eat it!! hope you had a good time.

Paula said...

Ack!! I have tremblings that this story is going to end badly....the ice melted and got through all the wrapping and your cake was mush, wasn't it?

spookyrach said...

Bleh. Old cake.

Hope your anniversary was wonderful!

KFarmer said...

I am rooting for the cake! I hope you enjoy every minute of your anniversary- including the sharing of the cake :)BTW- and what beautiful cakes!

Jim Jannotti said...

Oh, no.

I had a similar experience with oreos once. I'm hoping against hope that you're not going to tell us what I think you're going to tell us.

J.D. said...

Cake holds no allure to me, but happy one year anniversary nonetheless!

Mob said...

The cake flowers look great, the gerbers are a nice choice, very unique in the wedding world that prides itself on roses as the be-all end-all flower.

Simple Wedding Cakes said...

The cakes look awesome and mind blowing with creativity added to it.