Thursday, January 18, 2007

Could Ewan Smell Like Teen Spirit?

In 1994, 27 year old rock-idol Kurt Cobain commited a suicide, after amazing success as front man to Nirvana in the early 90s.

Courtney Love married Cobain in February of 1992, a little over two years before his death.

Now more than a decade later Courtney Love has acquired the rights to a Kurt Cobain biopic called "Heavier than Life" written by Charles Cross.

According to Virgin Movie News, Ewan McGregor is being rumored to star in the film a Cobain.

Every musician bio-pic seems the same, whether it's Ray Charles, Johnny Cash, or now Kurt Cobain. There's a young person's quick success, emptiness, and drug abuse. Yet this depressing formula made for two successful movies with Ray and Walk The Line, so why not change music genres and tell the same story with a widely popular punk rockers sad story.

While I'm sure Ewan McGregor would do an excellent job, I could easily see the role going to someone else, as this is still a very early rumor.

(Cobain and McGregor pictured right)

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Ando said...

The difference between the Cash and Charles movies and a Cobain movie (hey, all C's) is that the previous two were about redemption and overcoming those early addictions. Obviously, those would not be central themes in a Cobain biopic. So it would be even more depressing. Great.

Terence Towles Canote said...

I have to admit I can't see Ewan McGregor as Kurt Cobain. Cobain was only 27 when he killed himself, and I think McGregor passed that up a long time ago. Still, I can't really think of anyone I'd could see in the role off the top of my head.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Even without a sneak peek, I already know how the movie ends. The greatest tragedy of Kurts death lay in the fatherless life his daughter Frances has had to endure and in the creation of The Foo Fighters. Seriously, I HATE their music.

Anonymous said...

I'm not liking all this talk of McGregor playing this role. Not that he wouldn't do a great job but the likeness just isn't there for me.

The Pitt kid from Murder by Numbers would, in my opinion, be a better choice.

Paula said...

Oh, my. 1989, I'm in Vancouver, hanging in Seattle....Nirvana's first album was the soundtrack of my life! "Negative Creep", what a song. This movie can be nothing but sad, sad, sad.

I sometimes like sad movies.

Glenn Dunks said...

No way should it be Ewan. That's silly.

"The Pitt kid from Murder by Numbers would, in my opinion, be a better choice."

Well, Michael Pitt has already starred in a sorta movie about Kurt Cobain in the form of Last Days. Not a biopic, and it's not about "Kurt Cobain", but it's a movie about a musician with so many similarities to Cobain it's pretty darn obvious.

layne (herman) said...

i follow in the vein of the kamikaze camel, in that i would like to see Van Zant's "Last Days" get wider distribution.

Anonymous said...

i didn´t like the film - for me it was just boring....

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newmer said...

I really, really, really want Mcgregor to play this role! I just wish they would hurry up and film it!