Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Post Globe Thoughts

I haven't neccesarily been rushing to write up a little something on the Golden Globes...because, honestly, there's not much to say. This years award season is relatively predictable, but that's okay, I suppose.

The best part of the award show last night was America Ferrara's speech for best actress in a television comedy (Ugly Betty).

EVERYONE with two x-chromosones at the show was crying. Even my wife was crying...while I, Brad Pitt, and Warren Beatty looked around saying "What's going on here?"

I like paying attention to audience clapping and I felt like everytime they mentioned Lost the audience went crazy...it honestly made you think that Mark Wahlburg and Penelope Cruz adored watching Lost. Maybe they just like the fact that Dominic Monaghan could get a role in a major Television series (playing Charlie) after playing a hobbit (Merry) in the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy. Perhaps Monaghan, although not an award nominee is a symbol of hope in the acting community as the ability to avoid type-casting?

I don't really expect Emily Blunt to get an academy award nomination for her work in The Devil Wears Prada, but I feel like her celebrity stock rose dramaticly last night, as a double globe nominee and a winner for best supporting actress in BBC's Gideon's Daughter. They showed Emily Blunt on camera last night almost as much as Jack Nicholson.

I felt bad for Helen Mirren, her face during the Best Actress Drama catagory, looked like she so desperatly wanted someone else to win so that people don't hate her for being in the lime light. Her speechs for each picture were excellent, especially when she explained how Elizabeth I would have accepted a golden globe.

I guess, all in all, Dreamgirls was the ultimate winner last night with two supporting wins and best musical/comedy. Beyonce looked annoyed, and as my wife said while watching the show..."Beyonce really could look more classy if she wanted to."

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Paula said...

I like watching the Golden Globes better than the Oscars because the actors sit there so close to the stage, drinking champagne and getting giddy or cranky or silly...and they seem much more themselves (how would I know that?) than at the Oscars. At least they seem much less affected.

I thought of you when Forest Whitaker won. He was so overcome, it was quite sweet to see him stumble for words.

And yes, I was crying when America gave her speech, too. It's a woman-thing.

Anonymous said...

RC or anyone else, I'm out of the loop on the UGLY BETTY thing -- haven't seen the show at all. In fact, I have to admit, whenever I've seen an ad for it on TV, I've thought, "What?? And people WATCH this?" So I admit it was a surprise to me when it won two awards at the show and why I was a little perplexed (along with my wife, I might add) when America gave her speech.

Does watching the show have anything to do with how emotionally attached you get to America? That's my only guess.

Oh, by the way, RC, how did you feel about Babel's win? To me, that seemed to be the one nomination I wasn't sure how they'd vote on.