Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The beginning of the End for KDND

The Sacramento Bee has posted audio clips of KDND's Morning Rave talk show from the morning of January 12th.

The following are roughly transcribed clips from 107.9 The End's Morning Radio show, were Jennifer Strange and the host of the Morning Rave talk about the contest. Listening to this in retrospect is very sad.

The radio clips can be heard here or read in part below.

The most ironic thing is that they discussed the possiblity of someone dying that morning, at of course, it was all in jest, but the host talk about how they will not be responsible because the contestants have all signed waivers.

According to most news sources 10 people have been fired from the station since the insident of those, it is assumed that the host (Trish, Maney, and Lukas) are included.

Transcribed from the January 12th show:

Guy Host 1: Fester, how much water do you think you'll have to drink before you have to Wee.

Fester: 2 Gallons.

Guy Host 1: 2 gallons of water! Ah dude!

Girl Host: Can't you get water poisoning.

Guy Host 1: Your bodies 98% percent water why can't you take in as much water as you want.

Girl: I don't know.

Guy #2: What about that poor kid who was in college?

Guy #1: I know, but he was doing other things.

Girl: I know, that's what I was thinking, maybe we should have researched this before.

Guy #2: We never do this before I start doing something, next thing you know I break out in hives and I'm in an ambulance.

Guy #1: If it gets dangerous for someone there body will automaticly throuw it up, and if someone throws up there out of the contest. Eva (on radio) Eva, what do you want to say.

Eva: I want to say those people drinking all the water can get sick and possibly die of water intoxication.

Guy #1: Yea, we're aware of that.

Guy #2: They signed releases, so we're not responsible, it's okay.

Guy #1: If they get to the point they have to throw up, then they're going to throw up and they're out of the contest before they die, so that's good, right?

Girl: Ah, that's mean.


Guy 1: Hey Carter, is anyone dying yet?

Carter: We got a guy just about to die.


Guy 1: I'm glad we laugh at that.

Guy 2/Girl: Make sure you get the insurance. Sign the release get a stretcher.


Previous Post on Jennifer Stange's death: hyponatremia in Sacramento

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two crows said...

yes, water intoxication happens.
yes, it can kill.
being fired for suggesting such a contest is a mild price compared to what the contestants could, in all innocence, suffer.
and to joke about their possible deaths and the idea that the people who put forward the contest as being in the clear because waivers were signed is despicable.

Anonymous said...

Manslaughter by gross negligence. The police need to do a criminal investigation.

jasdye said...

stupid dj's.

Publius said...

Dumbasses. There does need to be a prosecution, and there needs to be a nice civil lawsuit too.

Yeah, they signed waivers. But you can't waive risks you don't know about, and if they didn't inform the contestants about the risks of water intoxication, they've got trouble.

And, of course, you can't waive criminal charges.

Jay said...

Can you imagine playing that tape to a jury... after the video of the girl's "family moments" with her kids... and the zoom in on her tombstone... oh yeah. I can picture it. I'm a lawyer-- and that lawyer that takes that case is gonna have a nice paycheck.

Paula said...

Yes, the DJ's are stupid. But, ummm....that woman chose to drink all that water. She could have stopped at any time. I'm not saying the contest didn't drive her to push herself farther...but do you really think that would hold up in a court of law?

Very creepy that they were thinking in advance about the possible dangers involved.

This whole issue raises some disturbing questions about personal responsibility, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

"that woman chose to drink all that water. She could have stopped at any time. I'm not saying the contest didn't drive her to push herself farther...but do you really think that would hold up in a court of law?"

The organizers of the contest are liable for her death because they failed to inform the contestants of the consequences of water intoxication. Whether the contestants signed a waiver or not is irrelevent.

I sure hope that some of the people fired in this case were lawyers, because they failed to do their job - assuming the morons that thought this up even bothered to consult them.

As for the comments made on air by those pinhead radio hosts (the woman DJ seemed to be the only one making sense), words fail me. Where do these people come from? Producers these days seem to think that the more of an A-hole someone is, the more popular they are. Please tell me that audiences don't agree...

Anonymous said...

why are people participating in contests to "hopefully" win a game system that just hit the shelves. I have a better idea--tell the greedy children NO!! Go outside and play!!
As for the family of the contestant that died from drinking too much water-I am truly sorry for your loss but, yes, there is a but, if I was to participate in a contest where I had to sign a waiver, I would be darn sure I researched the risks--that is my responsibility--not the radio station, not their lawyers, not even my family. Too much of anything is not good for you. Half or more than half of what we consume is not healthy for our bodies yet there are no "warning" labels on half the products we consume yet we all take a risk when we eat half the crap that is sold on store shelves--grease, fat, sodium, sugar--all of these items can cause death. The question that should be asked in this case--whether you are a judge, lawyer, juror, whatever, is: "Why didn't this person research the risks associated with a contest requiring a waiver"