Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Following Up on Lohan's Director Goal

I doesn't do any good to set goals if there's no follow up, right?

Last June Lindsay Lohan got frusterated with Bernie Goldmann and Melisa Wallack the directors of the movie Bill (now staring Jessica Alba in Lohan's place). Lohan then said she was only going to work with "big name directors from now on."

Back in June Lohan was to appear in Bill, Bobby, Chapter 27, a Woman of No Importance, Georgia Rule, and Speechless.

As a result of her unprofessional life, she is no longer appearing in Bill, A Woman of No Importance, or Speechless.

But let's look at the projects she has since picked up, it certainly doesn't look like she is quite following through with her goal to only work with "big name directors."
  • I Know who Killed Me - a thriller directed by Chris Sivertson, who unless he is known for co-directing his video All Cheerleaders Must Die, it would appear Lohan's choice here certainly is not in favor of a "big name" director

  • The Best Time of Our Lives - this film also staring Keira Knightley is directed by John Maybury whose most recent project was the film The Jacket. I certainly wouldn't consider Maybury a big name, but at least he he seems to have more experience.

The verdict would be that at this point it would appear that perhaps it's a little harder than Lohan thought to get acting gigs under "big name directors." Tought story, eh?

(The above picture is Lohan on the set of Chapter 27, the film staring Jared Leto as Mark David Chapman)

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Jeff Reed said...

lay off lohan. she's had a tough year, what, detoxing off all the alcohol, drugs, and talking cars! At least she's not shaving her head!

your bald boss

Paula said...

And when is she going to realize she is a spoiled brat?

Hopefully before she is living in a seedy Las Vegas neighborhood playing cheap bars for cash under the table. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually really surprised that she's managed to get any new work considering her sad and pathetic work ethic.