Friday, February 16, 2007

Gay Actor Chad Allen's 2nd Appearance in Christian Film

Openly homosexual actor Chad Allen, stired up some controversy around this time last year in the Christian community for playing the part of Nate Saint, a Ecudorian missionary in the film The End of the Spear.

Newsweek recently published an article interviewing Chad Allen in regards to his most recent project that deals with Christian themes in a movie called "Save Me."

While some people were frusterated at the casting of Chad Allen in his End of the Spear role, Allen at the same time was have a very positive experience working with the Christian community. In the newsweek article he says:

When I went to make “End of the Spear,” I expected to meet a group of hateful, bigoted, at-best ignorant individuals, and I didn’t. I met a group of smart, God-loving, God-following individuals, who were doing what they thought was the most loving thing to do, when they suggested to me that God wanted me to be different. That really affected me. I went back to work on “Save Me,” and I remember sitting around with the rest of the producers and saying definitively,
“We have to make a movie that shows evangelical Christians as smart and loving. We just need to have a conversation about love."

Interestering, Allen had this loving experience, but I think most of that came from the film crew and the production staff, not the general Christian community at large. Interesting, Allen speaks in the article about how Evangelical Christians have been largely encouraging to Allen after seeing "Save Me" saying that they believe it is valuable in creating conversation.

The Premise of Save Me deals with a gay man (Chad Allen) who is also dealing with a drug addiction is forced into a Christian gay-rehabilitation home, "Genesis House."

The film premiered at Sundance, and at this point does not have a distributor. David Swanson at Christianity Today ranked this film as one of his top 4 films at Sundance.

(first noticed this film here)

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Anonymous said...

interesting story...good post. It always good to hear about some Christians being able to practice what they preach and not expect attention and recognition for it...i'm glad he felt loved.

sattvicwarrior said...

cool blog!!!!!!!!!! thanks for sharing:)

Dale said...

Could it get any easier to make a joke than by having a gay actor in a play about missionaries called The End of the Spear? Luckily, I'm above all that.

Nice post though and your earlier one about Goodbye Lenin hit the mark too. Loved that film.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

For the most part, fundies and Christian conservatives have a problem with gay activism and their efforts to shake up society and rile up those who hold traditional values as sacred, not the actual gay person themselves.

Anonymous said...

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