Saturday, February 24, 2007

My Wife's Thoughts On Our Recent Films We've Watched

Below are my wife's thoughts on the five most recent films we have viewed. I just figured people would enjoy her thoughts far more than mine.

The Science of Sleep
I didn't like it, because I thought it didn't really have a plot, nothing really happened in the movie and I was watching this goofy guy for however long the movie was.

Half Nelson
I thought it was a decent movie, it was slow moving but it eventually had a...not just a point to it, but a message and it had some character evolvement. I think Ryan Gosling did a good job, I believed the character he was playing. I recommend this to someone who enjoys a good story but can be patient for it to develop.

El Laberinto del Fauno
Oh, I really liked Pan's Labryinth, it was a little violent and had strong language, but I thought it was a really creative story, with really cool cinemotography, and the little girl whatever her name is, did a really good job, and the stories just really sad. My favorite part was when the girl ate off the table she wasn't supposed to, because at that point you knew what was going on in the girls life and then that wierd monster thing came after her.

Sophie Scholl: The Final Days
I felt like they took what was a pretty good story and made it a little boring in the way they presented it and the writers didn't evolve the character to make the viewer care about what was happening to her. I felt like the plot rose too quickly for the story to be as interesting as it could've been. It was alright. I really liked the scene were she drops the leaflets off the staircase.

Monster House
Oh, yea, I really liked that movie it was really cute kids movie. I liked the fat kid character, he was funny. I thought it was witty, because it was definitly for kids but still entertaining. The writers just really did a good job with that fat kid.


jasdye said...

your wife and my wife should hang out.

Dale said...

I've only seen Science of Sleep and Pan's Labyrinth and agree with you on both. Now you'll sleep better won't you?

Terence Towles Canote said...

I loved Pan's Labyrinth. So far it is my favourite movie from last year.

Will said...

Thanks much for these comments. You're welcome to let your wife sneak onto your blog whenever you like. My wife likes to do that, too!
Now I'm interested to see how my wife's reactions match up with your wife's on some of these we haven't seen yet.