Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Will Kate Ever Find Gold?

Kate Winslett is 31 and this year received her 5th academy award nomination.

And at 31, you've got to wonder if the joy of being nominated is wearing off, and whether at this point, she's ready to win.

Interestingly enough, despite the Susan Lucci-esque Academy situation, Winslett won a Grammy award in 2000 for best spoken word album for children...although surely this is not a presigeous awards. (Ugh, Grammys!)

Yet, what I think is real interesting is that I haven't heard of any upcoming projects for Winslett for 2007 or beyond.

Perhaps Winslett is being strategic, looking for the right project, instead of persuing something like 2006's All the King's Men, which was a complete bust.

My recomendation for Kate is, if Keira Knightley can play the role...don't take it.

If Kate wants to win an Oscar statue for her next role she will need to either...
a. Ugly it up a big time!
b. play a prostitute in an edgy supporting role.
c. Gain 50 pounds for the part
d. Sing a song in a film musical
e. Play the part of a famous person.

But my recommendation to Kate is to continue playing whatever part you choose, because whatever you're doing is working...five nomination by the age of 31 is a tremendous accomplishment.

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Anonymous said...

You're quite right. She shouldn't take roles she's ten years too old for.

But that applies whether she wants to chase the Oscar or not. And I really hope she doesn't.

Glenn Dunks said...

Well, she has Romance & Cigarettes surely coming out at some point. Not only does she sing, but she has a strong accent and she sleeps around and swears like a sailor.

...alas, I don't think it's an "oscar" movie. Nor do I think it will ever actually be released.

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right but perhaps what she really should play is the Queen. I'm sure that will win her the award....

Great picture of her by the way.

Anonymous said...

Romance & Cigarettes has been released in a number of countries including Britain.
The reviews weren't good and it didn't make a lot of money either so I think it's highly unlikely to ever reach American theaters.

But it hardly matters. If she keeps working in movies of the right caliber she's bound to get one eventually. And the voters know this as well, which I think could be working against her a bit.
They can always give it to her some other year, but if they want to award Mirren it might be now or never.

Kester Smith... said...

so i was curious to know, from your comment on my blog, if i know you. there are no indicators from your blog one way or the other.

just curious.

general125 said...

You should see her in the first season of Extras. The episode is all about her playing a Nun during the holocaust so she can get an oscar.

Attila the Mom said...

I saw her in Extras too---loved it! I really enjoy her as an actress--but 5 nominations. I had no clue!

jasdye said...

lurved me some "Eternal Sunshine".

your take on the Oscars big prize is priceless and spot-on, btw. i don't care anymore for the Academy than for the Gramms (it's all hokesterism. highly polished and often quality. but still hokey to the pokey).