Saturday, April 21, 2007

Hello Brazil, this is your Credit Card calling

So, I got a phone call from my credit card company the other day wondering if I was in Brazil, because a recent transaction had gone through in Brazil with my credit card.

The answer was a clear 'no' and the credit card company and I went over the other transactions (all mine) and canceled my card and re-issued a new card with a new number.

I don't really care who tried to be me and buy something abroad...more curious to me is what they were buying in Brazil???

Hopefully it was more than a pound of brazilian coffee, or a handful of quartz.

I'd much rather find out they were trying to buy a quartz mine, although I don't think my credit limit would have covered that.

Maybe it was something as simple as a hotel stay in a fine Rio de Jeneiro hotel or for a tourist company to provide a tour across the Brazialan highlands or on the Amazon river.

Carnaval has passed so it doesn't have anything to do with that...maybe someone bought a lifetime of tickets to watch soccer games in MaracanĂ£ Stadium.

If only I could know.

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Anonymous said...

I hope that this was not a hoax to get your credit hear about how people use schemes to do so. Maybe you should call the credit card company to see if they called, rather than just getting a call.

general125 said...

I hear Brazil is beautiful, especially this time of year.

RC said...

mae, do not worry...I gave them no information other than when they called they verified my name.

Marius said...

Brazil, a counry that is both beautiful and ugly. I guess that can be said about a lot of places, but Brazil is unique in a lot of ways. RC, I'm glad you straightened everything out.

Anonymous said...

Humm hopefully they were buying drugs and it shows up on your credit report so in a few years you cannot get a home loan because you are red flagged as a drug dealer. Rock On.