Sunday, April 22, 2007

"Turn! Turn! Turn!" 3rd song on's mixtape

It's week 3, and not one of my top 10 song predictions have made it onto's mixtape07.

But the 3rd song (of 4) was a song from made popular in the 1960's by the Byrd's called "Turn! Turn! Turn! (There is A Season)" which was written by Pete Seeger using a large chunk of Ecclesiastes 3 as his text.

The church sermon taught by Craig Groeschel isn't exactly using one of "today's top hits" but it's a good teaching.

For Week 1 click here (U2's "Window in the Skies") click here
For Week 2 (The Fray's "How to Save A Life") click Here

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

it's a shame that Lifechurch can't archive the music videos they created for each week's songs. They really added to the sermon, and that little dip to black in the middle of the talk (where the video aired) is annoying.