Wednesday, August 01, 2007

DCI Jane Tennison (and Jack Bauer)

I have just watched the first "season" (4 episodes) of Prime Suspect, the British television miniseries staring Helen Mirren as Detective Cheif Inspector Jane Tennison.

This first season of Prime Suspect came out in 1991 and it was interesting to watch because you could see how something like this could have really helped spawn and influenced television shows like CSI. The 4 episodes in many ways, run like a long episode of CSI as the British detectives under the controversial new female detective try to find evidence and solve a murder mystery.

I'm interested to watch other seasons (there are 7 in total), to at least see if the feel changes, or developes, and how different characters and story lines might linger into subsequent seasons.

My wife compared Tennison to Jack Bauer from 24. (namely because to her everything relates to Jack Bauer). Her comparison was that DCI Tennison was relentless in solving the case, and while allowing her home life to crumble around her dedicated herself exclusively to the case at
hand, even while at times getting criticism from her superiors.

At the same time, I pointed out the Jane Tennison is no Jack Bauer...namely in the fact that she plays by the rules to create a solid case, with good evidence that will with stand a court of law, even if that means releasing a suspect she believes is guilty because she cannot legally continue to hold him.

DCI Jane Tennison does not endorse the same type of torture and irreverent investigation tools that Jack uses, and the post and thinking about torture and rendition, I think this is admirable.


Dad said...

I thought you were posting about Drum Corps International

Not another one of those shows with the initials. Arg.

Lorna said...

I lovae Drum Corps, but it has to take a way-down place in comparison to Jane---she just got better and better

kat said...

Prime Suspect is indeed fantastic viewing. If you enjoy this, you should also check out a series called "Cracker" starring Robbie Coltrane.