Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sexual Themed Movies About Not Having Sex

Film Chat has posted about a couple movies coming out in the near future that are riding off of the successful themes of a 40 Year-Old Virgin by making sexual themed movies/comedies based off people desiring not to have sex.

One of the films most recently announced is called Virginity Rocks. Variety reports this project will be a joint project between Screen Gems and Maxim. Variety writes:

Story revolves around a gorgeous transfer student who clings to her virginity and gets all the promiscuous girls in school to abstain from sex; in response, the popular guys ask the school stud to try to bed the poster girl and ending her "virginity rocks" campaign.

Another similar themed film, but "more literary" in nature is an adaptation based on a Tom Perrotta's soon to be released book (October 2007) called The Abstinence Teacher. Tom Perrotta's books adapted to film have previously dealt with sexual themes (Election, Little Children), and this one obviously does as well.

According to Variety, The Abstinence Teacher is to be produced by Warner Independent Pictures and is about: a divorced sex ed teacher forced by religious conservatives to teach abstinence. While fighting for the freedom to keep touting the joys of sex, she falls for a born-again soccer coach.

Obviously these films will have different tones, but you have to wonder if they will contain similar messages or if there end conclusions and messages will be different?


Anonymous said...

"she falls for a born-again soccer coach." Wow...that's all I can say...wow.

jasdye said...

ok, no. 2 reminds me a bit of Saved.

no. 1 reminds me of that Josh Hartnett movie, 40 days, i think it was called. i mean, it's produced by Maxim. it's not about touting abstinence or the holiness of our bodies as much as the 'hotness' of the 'hot' girls' bodies.