Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Four True Confessions

I have a true confession, and if you can't take it stop reading now. Frankly, I'm afraid you probably will never read this blog ever again, you will take me off your blog readers and you will no longer link to me. I accept the consequences.

1. My wife has begun watching DVD's of a show that once aired on the WB (now the CW, home of such classics as Sister, Sister & Reba). The show...the Gilmore Girls...and I regrettably watched some of it with her.
2. I have found myself accidentally watching episodes with her, and actually being entertained. Even at times accidentally saying phrases like "lets watch the Gilmore Girls."
3. My favorite characters are in fact the three Gilmore girls themselves, Rory, Lorelai, and Emily.
4. In fact, I find myself often relating to Lorelai...and that is the most embarrassing confession.


Anonymous said...


No need to be embarrassed by any of your confessions. The Gilmore Girls was a great show until the last show of the next to the last season. And that is all the spoiler I will give you.

Rhodester said...

I worked on the show in the first and second season as an extra, and there's a shot in the first season finale where my (real) wife and I are strolling hand in hand down the street past Lorelai. We have it on DVD and it's kind of like a photo album shot for us that we break out every so often to show to company.

We love the show and are currently going through the DVDs. PLEASE NO SPOILERS in these comments from anyone, k? I'm going to be following up for replies, and I got way too busy a few years ago to see the series through.

This is NOT just a chick show by any means.. it's smart, witty and deep, with a lot of character self-introspection, development and growth.

A person should be more embarrassed to admit to a fondness for mind-numbing reality shows or something like American Idol, not that I'm out to debate the merits or lack thereof of anything like that. We all have varying preferences and cultural tastes, depending on about a million variables that have influenced each of us. For me, Gilmore Girls is smartly written and I like that it makes me think. It's not just fluff by any means.

Well, that's my two cents, which is about what it's worth.

Anonymous said...

That's it!

We're through!

AK said...

I just want you to know how proud of you I am. I know it took a lot to make these confessions in such a public forum. Don't you feel better just getting it out there?

Unknown said...

Go to my blog.
Look at the comment you made after my emotional final Gilmore Girls episode.

And now take it back.


Unknown said...

Go to this comment you made when I found out the show was being cancelled.

Take that back, too.

Anonymous said...

See RC, you stood back and mocked it from afar, but I knew all along that Gilmore Girls was really your kind of show. Honestly. It may have a girly facade, but it's all about relationships, growing and changing - the stuff of life. I think that's the kind of thing RC likes.

It takes a real man to enjoy, and admit he enjoys, a show like Gilmore Girls. Glad you're finally a real man :).

Ando said...

This is very disturbing news. My dad calls this The Blabby Show for all the mindless chatter. I guess you can stay on my blogroll though.

Anonymous said...

i own almost every season on dvd. and after we got married i would come home to find my husband watching them religiously.

it's contagious

TALKING MOVIEzzz said...
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Marius said...

RC, actually, this makes me like you more. I'm glad you gave the show a chance. Also, I look forward to your blog-a-thon. I'm sure it will be a huge success.

RC said...

Thank you Will, rhodester, ak, jon, jana, moviezzz, & marius for your support.

rhodester that's a cool story.

grete i'm sorry...i will try to make it right.

jana for the record i've never watched an episode without my wife.

jim & ando...again i'm sorry to disappoint.

& ando, interestingly enough when the mindless chatter and babbling is with the right people, it's my favorite part.

Andy said...

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